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Advanced Dashboard

Our advanced dashboard provides comprehensive insights into your campaigns and communications. Track real-time metrics, monitor call statuses, and analyze performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies.

Enhanced Campaign Management

Create, manage, and optimize your campaigns with HB Voice’s enhanced campaign management tools. Import leads, map fields, start or stop campaigns, and track performance—all with a few clicks.

SIP Trunk Integration

HB Voice offers seamless SIP trunk integration, allowing you to connect with your preferred telephony providers effortlessly. Manage your SIP trunks within our platform to enhance your calling capabilities and ensure high-quality communication.

Twilio API Integration

Integrate with Twilio’s powerful API to expand your communication options. With Twilio integration, you can easily send voice broadcasts, automate calls, and track call analytics all from within HB Voice.

What You Can Do with HB Voice

  • Send bulk voice broadcasts to your contact list
  • Automate follow-up calls and reminders
  • Track call statuses and campaign performance in real-time
  • Integrate seamlessly with SIP trunks and Twilio API
  • Utilize advanced lead management features for efficient handling
  • Access detailed analytics and reporting to improve your strategies